About Nest Environments

We are structural and 3D branding experts, we live to take your brand to new forms. You talk, we’ll listen. Here is what we can do for you!

Our Capabilities

We have a vast book of services and resources to bring to the table to make your project successful. Whether it be, creating beautiful branded elements to make your event unforgettable or simply an elegant pop-up store to get your product in front of the masses we are ready to listen and help. We’ve done the impossible with little or no time, so reach out and let’s discuss how we can partner up today.

Creative Construction

We are always looking to be different, create differently, break the boring old mould. Let's blow minds and change attitudes.

Material Selection

Is your build going to be outdoors, 60 mph winds? We know how to choose gorgeous materials that will work and last.

Event Management

Need some help staffing up? Someone to manage your HTC Vive setup and make sure everything arrives safe and sound? We've done it already for sure.

3D Design

Got an idea on a napkin of book of old matches and need it to become a pretty picture so you can sell the dream? We've got 3D skills in all the latest software packages.

Graphic Design & Production

Need some fancy graphics on your finished asset? We'll knock out something nice and then produce whatever you sign of on.


We specialize in structures for activations. From replica Empire State buildings make out of toilet paper rolls to jet engines, we love this stuff.


Want to build something really big and know it's safe? We offer full engineered solutions with a stamp to prove it. We can make this happen in any city or state.

Domestic Production

We pride ourselves for making beautiful things right here in the good old USA. We can build and get it to you in no time.


We've shipped items to Brazil, China, Belgium, and just about anywhere else you'd like to visit, so not to worry we know how to navigate state lines and international boarders.


So you have an idea and you want a million of them but want to get your hands on one first? We can make that happen by working closely with you to create the perfect thing to replicate.


We've shipped your build to New York and you know you want to use it again, so why not find a nice storage area centrally located for the next event? With our vast network of storage facilities we will make it easy.

Project Consultation

You have ideas but just don't know where to start or what all is involved? Let us consult with you and come up with a plan. We've seen and managed every aspect of what you are facing so borrow our knowledge.